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Story Time

Open and free cultural proposal, which consists of an oral narration in English where stories or / and stories are told by a narrator, addressed to children between 6 and 12 years old and 45 to 60 minutes long.

It is a social, educational and recreational activity that encourages reading and knowledge of the English language.

Usually the Tres Cantos Libraries are held two sessions a month, one in each library from October to June. In general, the first Saturday of the month at the Lope de Vega Library at 11 am and with a maximum capacity of 60 people, and on the third Tuesday of the month at the Fundación Caja Madrid Library at 6 pm, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

It is necessary to collect invitations through the giglon platform. A maximum of 4 tickets per adult is provided.

If the sessions are held in the children's room, it will be closed to loan, refund and information.

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